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but all cancellations get a credit for another class.



Goddess Lounge
Sunday Feb 2nd, 2-5 pm
in La Jolla

Open to women of all ages
We start with a circle, a card, a sharing, a dance.

Theme of the month: romance and love
tantric skills to celebrate the month of St. Valentine's.

Attraction yin/yang polarity
5 ways to say I love you
5 sexy kisses
5 signs your partner is getting bored
5 touches that will turn your partner on
5 feminine qualities men find irresistible

You are well aware of the Relationship dynamic :
masculine and feminine energy
but do you know about the power of your voice ?
how to share your opinions with feminine energy...
and connect at a more profound level...
how to find the radiance in your femininity which is absolutely captivating
and to embody this authentic energy from the boardroom to the bedroom..?

Join us and practice...You will laugh and will learn some valuable skills
to try at home or on your new dates...

$40 1 Goddess ( you may invite a lady friend for free)

Register here :



Saturday Feb 15th , 1-6 pm
in La Jolla

For couples or paired friends
The art of Eros because there is more to intimacy than sex
The Kama Sutra is rich in practices to
bring the fire up and experience relaxed arousal.
You will learn and share with your partner 20 tantric exercises,
some are verbal such as 3 words men crave to hear,
some are physical such as sweet and hot spots,
some are spiritual such as seeing beyond the visual

You do all the exercises with your partner.
Clothes stay on

Register here:1 couple $170 Kama Sutra 1


KAMA SUTRA 2 for couples
Sunday Feb 16th , 1-6 pm
in La Jolla

Tantric sex is a way to make love using diversity,
conscious energy and slow pace
You will practice 22 exercises including :
inner smile, ring muscles, sexexercises, romancing the sun,
romancing the moon grotto,
sexual positions benefiting the man, benefiting the woman,
"holding the mystery of the world" and some fun Kama sutra positions
There will be nudity and genital contact.

Teachings will be brought to you with clarity, depth and humor.
You will have an opportunity to study the 4 orgasms a woman can experience
and practice meditative sex.
All exercises are optional: your couple needs to be comfortable with group nudity.
You will engage only with your partner.

Register here:1 couple : $170 Kama sutra 2

You will receive a booklet to review later
and optional homework to do at home.
SPECIAL discount when you register to both, $40 off
highly recommended as Kama Sutra 1
prepares you well for Kama Sutra 2

Register here:1 couple both days : $300


MARCH 2020

Venice Carnival
Puja for singles

Sat March 7th, 6-10 pm
in La Jolla

White Tantra puja, no nudity, no sexuality
Suitable for beginners .
We will imagine going to Venice and be part of the Carnival.
Bring a mask for your arrival.

Exercises will include conversation, dancing, and nurturing touch.
You will learn about the history of this religious/pagan tradition
and be part of some fantasy role-playing.

A puja is not a dating event, but rather an opportunity to
practice feeling the energy of random partners
and learning some tantric tools.

You will have the option, the next day, to receive emails and
sweet notes of appreciation from everyone.

Register here:1 lady $40

Register here:1 gentleman $60


APRIL 2020

The erotic dance of the chakras

Saturday April 4th : 6-11pm

Red puja

for couples open to exchange energy with other couples
This is offered to those very familiar with the tantra philosophy and practice
Ask for a detailed flyer.


Sunday April 26th, 2-5 pm
in La Jolla

Open to women of all ages
We start with a circle, a card, a sharing, a dance.

Theme of the month:
Part 1 : mother-daughter relationship,
the gifts, the wounds.
Did you believe you had to make your mother happy?

Part 2 : The famous Jade egg!
An ancient practice : how to use it,
for our health, pleasure and longevity!

1 woman : $40 (you may invite a female friend for free)

Register here:


MAY 2020

Teachings of the great Masters

Saturday May 16th,
6-10 pm in La Jolla

White Tantra puja for singles
Suitable for beginners .
We'll talk about quotes attributed to:
the Buddha, Rumi, Jesus, Greek philosophers...
and explore the energy of 15 participants
of the opposite gender
with 15 different nurturing exercises of
respectful touch following the sacredness of tantra.

Join us and explore
great opportunities to meet like minded people

$60 for men

$40 for women


Disco Puja,
for couples and singles,
Suitable for beginners

Saturday ?
6-10pm in Encinitas

A mix of dancing and tantric exercises
with your favorite tunes of the 70's 80's!

$60 for men, $40 for women


JUNE 2020

Sat June ?h, Sunday June ?
Kama Sutra 1 and 2 for couples only



JULY 2020


Sat July 18th, 5-11pm
in La Jolla

A unique blend of art, tantra, sensuality and playfulness
Save the date!

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