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Saturday, August 19th

Coconut oil puja 6 -11 pm in La Jolla

A playful and sensual event

following the tantric aspect of respect and honoring of the body temple.

This is not offered to beginners.

Full at this time



Saturday Sept 9th, 6-10:30 pm, in La Jolla

For singles, all levels, all ages,
First-timers are welcome.

New theme : ancient Asia

Tantra originated in India, and means weaving, expansion and energy.
Tao originated in China, and emphasizes harmony with nature
Thai yoga massage originated in Thailand and is an ancient healing system

The exercises will follow the tantric practice of:
-elevating the vibrations by the words we use
-giving a conscious touch which is safe and healing
-multiplying skills which will enrich your dating life

Offered to 15 men and 15 women.
You will meet all partners of the opposite gender

No nudity, no sexuality

Register here:

1 gentleman : $60

1 lady $40

Option : an E.list will be sent the day after to continue connections


Saturday September 23rd, 1 to 6 pm, La Jolla

Kama Sutra for couples, all experiential,
informative exercises to enrich your daily life and romance.

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text giving lots of practical advice on intimacy.
It is commonly known as the sex position book, and less as a detailed encyclopedia on
how to be intimate.

In this class, couples will work together on the 3 gates of tantra:
heart-mind-body and will practice:
the art of seduction,
the art of preludes
the art of erotic whispers
the art of kissing,
and the art of touch.

No sexuality, no nudity.

Each couple will stay in their energetic bubble and work solely with each other.
You will explore pleasant practices such as:
long leisurely hugs,
how to use our imagination and fantasies,
how to get better at foreplay,
how to stimulate "hot spots,"
how to use our breath to boost pleasure,
how to receive and feel,
how to give each other a sensual massage,
how to give a breast massage,
how to offer safe "spices" of different intensities,
and slowing way way down...

You will gain skills and more sexual confidence.

You will rehearse a few fun kamasutra sex positions all dressed up.

Couples will receive hand-outs to review later and optional homework to do at home.

$150 per couple


Saturday October 21, 6-11 pm

Tantric hallowe'en puja,
Big hallowe'en event, all costumes welcome,
classy, sexy, fantasy, animals, comic, erotic...

A fantasy and blissful "pink" puja: level is intermediate

You must come in costume,
anything goes so long as your genitals are covered

Topless optional for men and women at part 2

The location is a spacious dance studio with a view and plenty of air,
with large mirrors, and comfortable bathrooms to change into your costume
in Liberty station, Point Loma, address sent upon registration.

1 couple $80

1 single man $60

1 single lady $40


Sunday November 26th, 4pm to 9 pm, in La Jolla


A new workshop presented by Amara Karuna and Ray Cohen

Rivers of Love is therapeutic bodywork for couples,
done in sacred space,
using aroused sexual energy combined with long,
sweeping strokes on the whole body
similar to Lomi Lomi massage.

If you are interested in deep healing for your body,
becoming a better lover,
or taking your relationship to another level,
then you will find Rivers of Love an invaluable resource.

All the foundation material is derived from the centuries-old healing systems of traditional Chinese medicine.
We will be learning skills found in the book
How to Worship the Goddess and Keep your Balls by David Bruce Leonard

This workshop will consist of Qi Release (erotic bodywork that includes touching the whole body).
The massage strokes run along meridians and muscle fibers, and are slow and deep.
The table is actually oiled, with no sheet, so some of the strokes involve going under the body,
and feel absolutely fantastic!
These strokes can be combined with arousing touch with the hands and mouth for a little journey into heaven.

The instructor will demonstrate these techniques with a partner,
and then the participants will be guided in practicing with their partners.

This event is for couples only.
You must be physically able to give a full body massage.

All couples will remain together throughout the event.
Our focus will be on healing our physical and emotional bodies,
and on bringing more pleasure and joy into our lives and greater connection with our partner.

Participants need to be comfortable with group nudity and sexuality.
We will be touching sexually with hands and mouths (with our partners only),
but there will be no intercourse.

About Amara and Ray : they are tantra teachers living in Hawaii and Oregon,
They are organizing tantra festivals such as ISTA and the Oregon Tantra Festival.

1 couple : $150


Saturday December 2nd

Holiday puja for singles, all levels, beginners welcome

Festive puja with Holiday tunes from around the world.

Each exercise will apply a specific technique in tantra.

This is an efficient way to meet 15 people of the opposite gender
and connect with their energy right away.

Do not spend the holidays alone,
come and meet like-minded people whose hearts are open.

1 gentleman $60

1 lady $40


New Year 's Eve puja

Celebrate in style with warm connections!

For couples and singles