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Saturday December 2nd,
5-10 pm, in La jolla

Holiday puja for singles, all levels, beginners welcome
Priority will be given to new particpants

Festive Tantra evening with Holiday tunes from around the world.

Each exercise will apply a specific technique in tantra.

This is an efficient way to meet 15 people of the opposite gender
and connect with their energy right away.
The process supports everyone to open their hearts and
connect: no buzzed people, no awkwardness, no chit chat!
The playful and well choreographed exercises will bring out the best in you!

What are some of the exercises ?
We start by having a 1-min. conversation on a special topic
such as : "What is one of your favorite memory of holiday season"
or "When the days get shorter, what do you like to do to brighten them up"
"What was one of your great gifts when you were a child?"
"What is peace for you" etc...
1 participant is speaking, the other one is listening, then we switch.

Next is a non-verbal exercise which could be
- eye gazing
- the caress of an angel,
- a dance with "frosty the snow man"
- a lullaby in a spooning position...
All exercises practice a specific tantric skill.
Clear explanations are given

We end with a feedback session, practicing words of appreciation,
which are whispered to your ear and
often generate a warm sense of being aknowledged

All exercises are elegant and respectful,
if you don't feel comfortable you may modify.
Safety is a priority

Optional :
-puja tutoring is available and will have you practice all exercises ahead of time
Pick your day and time $90/90min. Very beneficial if you are feeling nervous

-all participants will receive a list of first name and email address, 1 day later

Are you ready?

Do not spend the holidays alone,
come and meet like-minded people whose hearts are open.

1 gentleman $60 (already sold out, please inquire for cancellations)

1 lady $40 (1 space for 1 lady aas of Friday afternoon)