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Saturday, June 9th,
1 to 6 pm in La Jolla

The art of Eros

All experiential, informative exercises to enrich
your daily life and romance.
The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text giving
lots of practical advice on intimacy.
It is commonly known as the sex-position book,
and less as a detailed encyclopedia on how to be intimate.
In this class, couples will work together
on the 3 gates of tantra: heart-mind-body,
and will practice:
the art of seduction,
the art of preludes,
the art of erotic whispers,
the art of kissing,
and the art of touch.
No sexuality, no nudity.
Each couple will stay in their energetic bubble
and work solely with each other.

You will gain skills and more sexual confidence.
You will rehearse a few fun Kamasutra sex positions all dressed up.
Couples will receive hand-outs to review later
and optional homework to do at home.

Register here : $150 per couple

(A confirmation will be sent to the address used for payment,
cancellations are non refundable but a pass to another event is granted )

Early registrations to both Kama Sutra 1 and 2 benefit from $50 off
Sign up now : $250


Sunday, June 10th,
1 to 6 pm in La Jolla

Power centers

Men and women operate from different centers
and exude different qualities like fire and water .
Recognizing this and honoring it will ease relationship hurdles.

Shakti's power (feminine power) comes from
- her heart (4th chakra),
- her womb (2nd chakra),
- her inner knowing (6th chakra).

Shiva's power (masculine power) comes from
- his solar plexus (3rd chakra)
- his genitals (2nd chakra)
- his voice (5th chakra).

Exercises will combine questions to share
with intimate exercises.
There will be nudity and genital contact.
Teachings will be brought to you with depth and humor
You will have an opportunity to study the 4 orgasms
a woman can experience
and practice meditative sex

All exercises are optional:
your couple needs to be comfortable with group nudity.
You will engage only with your partner.

Register here:
$150 per couple
Take home many divine love practices and techniques.

(A confirmation will be sent to the address used for payment,
cancellations are non refundable but a pass to another event is granted )


Goddess Lounge
Sunday June 17th, 2-5 pm
La Jolla

Fathers Day...honoring our father...
Love, forgiveness, and gratitude

We will be celebrating the universal Father's energy
the sacred male energy with a crystal wand ritual.

Our last Goddess lounge reunited 20 goddesses for an ancient Jade-egg ritual.
The room was filled with delicate appreciation for our precious body
This month, ladies are invited to discover the map of their Yoni (sacred temple)
using a crystal wand.
If you have a deluxe crystal wand, bring it ...
if you need one, they will be available for only $40.

I had mine for over 20 years, it is a life time investment
for every woman who wishes to explore her pleasure potential and areas of numbness.

This ritual will be conducted with elegance and sensitivity,
nothing embarrassing is ever asked from you.

$40 for 1 Goddess
(and because it is always fun to share it with a good friend,
you may bring 1 for free)

Limited to 20, reserve now

Your ticket here:



Coconut oil puja
advanced level
Saturday July 7th
6-11pm in La Jolla

for seasoned tantrikas,
couples and singles
$150 for 2 (singles are invited to pair up)


Body Painting extravaganza
Saturday July 28th,
6-11:30pm in La Jolla

A different ceremony of play, love and touch
with a high momentum of creativity and excitement
Open to all levels, to couples and singles
inside and ouside activites

Includes puja, painting, warm showers, and coconut oil puja

$150 for 2 (singles are invited to pair up)

1 male painter $130

1 female painter $60

First timers ...read on

Frequently asked questions:

-What kind of paint are we using?
I get my paint at a good art store,
it is non allergenic and easy to wash off.
We paint with brushes, sponges, gloves or bare hands.
In 22 years, no one has ever reported any bad reaction.

-Do we have to undress?:
Most people do, keeping something on is fine if
you don't mind having paint on it.
The undressing is playfully and elegantly
brought up after our first puja-warm-up-circle.
Be assured that you do not have to do anything you donʼt want to.
You may start with clothes on and
shed some afterwards when you feel comfortable.

-Will I get cold?
The paint acts like a body glove,
our art studio will be inside and one outside,
most people get warm and prefer to be outside,
there will be sources of heat inside and outside.

-I'm self conscious about my body... :
Well, we are all learning to love ourself the way we are,
it is not a fashion show, it is a gathering of conscious loving people.
Also, the paint is really pretty on bare skin
and it looks like everyone is dressed up again!

-I'm not an artist, I don't know how to paint :
The good news is that you don't even have to paint yourself,
many other hands will work on you if you ask ;
and remember we use paint like children do,
we smear it everywhere,
we have fun and the result is always gorgeous!

- I have a back problem I can not stand for too long :
it is a very dynamic evening, including dancing and painting,
we are in constant movement and it will be very taxing
on your body if you are not in good shape.
Sitting is not really an option.

-Do I have to interact with people, can I stay with my partner? :
we prefer you interact with others as most participants will do, however
you might favor painting with 1 person only and that is perfectly fine.

-I'm shy, how about if a man does have an erection?:
some do, some don't, no big deal,
we paint the whole body and it is all in loving spirit!
The fun atmosphere outweighs this sexual issue.
This is not a sexual event.

-I've seen a picture and I want to be a wild beast...:
Great, the paint will be there, bring some props too, it helps!
Google “body painting pics” for great ideas

-May I bring my camera?
You may bring your still camera, and take pictures when
we'll have our kodak moment, respecting those who
do not want their picture taken.

-How do we wash off?
4 warm showers outside, sponges, soap, helping hands ,
2 tubs....a delightful experience!

-I'm working all day and won't make it on time, is that OK?
the opening circle is our warm up and our bonding time, do not miss it;
if you work all day that day, your body will probably lack energy to play all night.

- I'll have to work the next morning, may I leave early? :
yes, you may leave whenever you wish but...
you will miss out on our closing circle, (coconut oil puja)
described by many as the highlight of the evening!

-I'd like to invite a friend ..: If you think your friend would fit our group,
please let me know, we welcome new people.
Remember to take care for your friend that day.

-and if I have to cancel... I hope you won't but if some emergency comes up,
let me know asap and you'll get 1 pass to one of my future pujas.
This event requires lots of preparation with up-front costs involved.
Please understand: there will be no refund and no pass for same day no show