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Event for singles
Celestial Puja

Sunday, January 28th, 5-9 pm,
In La Jolla

Celestial theme with a visioning
of your happiness forecast from January to December 2018

A puja is a ceremony where we practice the different arts of love.
It combines meditative moments and creative exercises.

Some examples of exercises will be:
January is a metaphor for seeds deep in the ground, what are yours?
February is for Valentine, which pink and red emotions are you looking for?
March is for flowers blossoming , what makes a partner a good gardener?...

Each question will be the subject of a short sharing with 1 partner of the opposite gender,
followed by a guided exercise of touch, tantric in nature and helping the body to relax et feel alive.

Tantra is sometimes described as yoga for 2,
an attempt to find oneness within ourselves and others.

No nudity, no sexuality.

First timers are welcome.
An introductory session is available.

The puja is gender-balanced with 15 men and 15 women.

Your registration is necessary
(cancellations will be issued a credit for another event).

Reserve your space here:
1 woman : $40
(a few more spots available)

1 man : $60
(sold out at this time, inquire for possible cancellations)

A confirmation will follow.

rainbow-lineKama Sutra workshop for couples

Saturday, Feb 17th,
1 to 6 pm in La Jolla

The art of arousal

All experiential, informative exercises to enrich
your daily life and romance.
The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text giving
lots of practical advice on intimacy.
It is commonly known as the sex-position book,
and less as a detailed encyclopedia on how to be intimate.
In this class, couples will work together
on the 3 gates of tantra: heart-mind-body,
and will practice:
the art of seduction,
the art of preludes,
the art of erotic whispers,
the art of kissing,
and the art of touch.
No sexuality, no nudity.
Each couple will stay in their energetic bubble
and work solely with each other.
You will explore pleasant practices such as:
- long leisurely hugs,
- how to use our imagination and fantasies,
- how to get better at foreplay,
- how to stimulate "hot spots,"
- how to use our breath to boost pleasure,
- how to receive and feel,
- how to give each other a sensual massage,
- how to give a breast massage,
- how to offer safe "spices" of different intensities,
- and slowing way way down...
You will gain skills and more sexual confidence.
You will rehearse a few fun Kamasutra sex positions all dressed up.
Couples will receive hand-outs to review later
and optional homework to do at home.

Register here
$150 per couple

(A confirmation will be sent to the address used for payment)


Sunday, Feb 18th,
1 to 6 pm in La Jolla

Power centers

Men and women operate from different centers.
Recognizing this and honoring it will ease relationship hurdles.

Shakti's power (feminine power) comes from
- her heart (4th chakra),
- her womb (2nd chakra),
- her inner knowing (6th chakra).

Shiva's power (masculine power) comes from
- his solar plexus (3rd chakra)
- his genitals (2nd chakra)
- his voice (5th chakra).

Exercises will combine questions to share
with intimate exercises.
There will be nudity and genital contact.
All exercises are optional:
your couple needs to be comfortable with group nudity.
You will engage only with your partner.

Register here
$150 per couple
Take home many divine love practices and techniques.

(A confirmation will be sent to the address used for payment)

Sign up for the 2 workshops and make it a Valentine special treat!

$50 off, $250 total

1 couple Kama Sutra retreat level 1+ level 2


Saturday, March 3rd
5 to 11 pm in La Jolla

A ceremony of hightened sensation-Tantra
for well-seasoned practitioners

Will include optional nudity and intimate touch.
Must be in good physical condition and
comfortable with group nudity to participate.

For pairs only (rotation for all)

Part 1 : Rotation puja : Fun Preludes and Arousal
Part 2 : Goddesses choice rotation puja (women are receiving)
Part 3 : Men are receiving from all the Goddesses
Part 4 : With the partner you paired up with...bringing the energy up to a cosmic spiral

$150 per pair