Private Classes with Francoise

Tantric coaching for men
For mature men who are longing for deeper sexual connection.
You know how some men have all the success in the world,
but long for a deeper and more passionate experience of their sensual and sexual lives
without being unfaithful to their long-time wives and partners?
I have helped numerous men for over 20 years to better their sex lives,
whether they are married or single,
with ancient and modern practices that connect sex with spirit.
Tantra Program : $350 for 2 sessions of 2 hours
Contact for a description of the program

(Advanced program available upon invitation)

Private Puja Tutoring for men and women
you are ready to participate in a group tantra puja (ritual of adoration)
and you want to learn a few skills and feel at ease.
You are invited to consider a rehearsal.
You will practice the exercises and receive tips on how to be your best for the partners you will encounter.
As a result, your confidence level will rise, you will be very appreciated,
and you will feel fantastic about yourself!
$90 for 90 min

A real bargain to become a advanced practitioner on the spot!

Offered 10 days prior to the puja you want to participate in

Tantric Consultations for Women
For women feeling bored and frustrated about their intimate lives.
I have helped hundreds of women feel juicy, powerful, and sexually confident ,
using ancient and modern practices that re-claim the feminine force of pleasure,
and allow it to be utilized for financial, physical, and spiritual satisfaction that no one can ever take away.
I help women claim their Feminine Confidence so whether single or partnered,
they feel fully satisfied anywhere, anytime. And PS - that attracts money, health, AND Love.
Full program : 2 x 2 hrs session; $350 total (ask for details)
(Advanced program available after this one)

Special Private Program for Couples
First program : 2 x 2hrs session; $350 total (ask for details)
Other levels available based on your experience, needs and comfort.

Private Puja for your group : ritualistic ceremony following the tantric principles
3 levels : beginner, intermediate, advanced
Great for special events such as birthdays
Will travel; transportation expenses apply if outside of San Diego

Psychotherapy or Mindfulness Training with Mitchell

Psychotherapy or Mindfulness Training (Self-awareness practice) for individuals and couples
$120 for 60-minute session (longer sessions can be arranged).

For more information on my orientation, inspiration, and focus of work, along with more general discussions about the field of psychotherapy, see Psychotherapy and the many further links given at that web page.