"Francoise, Thanks for another amazing puja. You gather such wonderful and loving people."

"I had a fantastic evening of warmth, trust, intimacy, and energy."

"Each time I bring or send any of my friends to an event you're leading, they come back enthusiastic, enlivened, and enlovened. (is that a word?) ;-) You really have lovingly touched so many with your presence, and also many more when these ambassadors go out into the world."

"Thank you for entrusting me with the honor of attending such a great puja. You make all the inherent awkwardness and insecurities of intimately meeting strangers vanish."

"You really made a safe, spiritual and playful arena. Not only are you incredible powerful but you are soo nice and funny it made it pleasure to be around you. I look forward to hearing about and being apart of more to come, please keep me informed, my first one and HOOKED."

"Saturday evening's Puja was a lovely experience. Thank you to each of you Special Men for the meaningful and warm connection. I also appreciated the ladies with whom I had fun conversations."

"I had a tremendous time with the Goddesses. I thought you did a fantastic job, I had not been to one for a year or so ... I have released a lot of things about my old relationships which really opens up the great energy."

"What I particularly enjoyed was all the lovely men. Each one was truly gentle, masculine and yummy!"

"Warmest greetings to the Goddesses I had the honor and pleasure of meeting at my first Puja... Many of you were first timers like myself. Thank you for having the courage and curiosity to experience for yourself what Puja had to offer. I hope you had at least one positive experience to make it worth your participation. To all you veterans, thank you for having the patience and willingness to help me to become a more enlightened Divine male. And... To the best damn teacher one could possibly hope to have introduce this Tantric celebration, I bow to you eternally grateful. Thank you, Francoise"

"The lesson you continue to show me about respect is invaluable to me. Thank you Francoise!!"

"Francoise, you are so very good at making it all flow and feel comfortable, while at the same time adding Excitement to the mix."

"Thank You for hosting this wonderful event. It was a well organized and well run event. I got to meet many familiar and new Gods and Goddesses. I look forward to attending upcoming events of yours."

Regarding couple tantra training:

"Francoise, thank you and your husband for hosting such an amazing event and a wonderful experience for me. I look forward to future experiences that you hold."

"Amazing class and very informative! I hope to tell more people and couples about the experience"

"Thank you so much for this event. It was absolutely wonderful as you said it would be. Sweet people. I think the way you formatted the event - lecture, separate circles, exercises - was great. I especially LOVED being in the "sisterhood" circle with the women...I think it was a beautiful bonding experience.Thank you so very much for offering these events. You ARE changing the world. I am inspired!!!"

"I know we didn't get to know each other really, but I want you to know what an inspiration you've been to me. I'm drawn to tantra because of you. I see you as such an amazingly talented, beautiful, captivating, and insightful leader. You send out radiant sparkles and rich wisdom wherever you go. I'm honored to know you, truly! And I wish you and your family excellent health, love, real-ness, and abundance!"

"I highly enjoyed the workshop . It brought a different light on intimacy for me and I feel more open to new experiences right now. I appreciate you for sharing all your wisdom in a sacred, nurturing, present & playful environment."

"Thank you for creating such a nurturing environment for us to explore our humanity and connect with one another. It was a wonderful experience!"

"Thank you, for having a class that asks me questions I have not thought about. Those expand who I am."

"just want to thank you for a wonderful enlightening day "

"Thank you so much for the workshop. It was fantastic. I would like to take time to absorb and process the information"

"Thank you very much for a beautiful training session. Sorry we left early. It was her first experience of this kind, and it seemed a bit too much for her. The good news is that the training did stimulate us: we went to my place and had some beautiful sensual time together."

"You and Mitchell are very warm and gracious hosts. It was nice to be in such a relaxing and comforting environment with so many beautiful and caring people."

"Many thanks for a fantastic event yesterday. It was exactly what we most desired and needed for our body, heart and soul"

"Last workshop was pure magic for me. I gained so much on many levels. In the space that you created I was able to open my heart completely and feel safe and empowered while giving and receiving. I just floated through the day. There was no stress or anxiety."

Regarding Pujas for singles and couples:

"I SO LOVED the Puja last night... what a beautiful evening with such wonderful people and your mastery of creating intimate connections! It was so much fun and so blissful for me!!!"

"I really enjoyed the last puja and the sense of community within the San Diego tantra people I've seen a few times now. I continue to practice my boundaries, and learn a tremendous amount. Going to your pujas are a wonderful reflection of where I am at within myself, and on my journey towards a relationship. Thank you for creating a wonderful atmosphere with exercises to experience intimacy and divine light with others I've never met, or hardly know."

"To me, it felt like it was about 30 minutes long; the time passed all too quickly. I hardly remember driving home"

"I enjoyed the participants. Every woman with whom I interacted was open, adventurous, interesting and fun"

"What a delightful evening! All the people I met were so lovely! I had a wonderful time! It was very good to receive and give touch! There were some very skilled touchers last night. So many different kinds of people!"

"it was a great experience!I've met so many beautiful people,it was a bliss :)"

"Thank you both so much for another wonderful, energy filled puja. Each Puja has out done the one before. I get so much from my experience at the puja everyone there tonight was someone I wanted to now or touch or exchange energy with"

"I wanted to thank you for welcoming me to your home and having me as a student. Today's lessons were wonderful and you a most inspiring teacher. I can tell already that what I'm now learning will help give meaning and purpose to the rest of my life. You've lifted me up."

"BLESSINGS, And thank you SO much for your beautiful fun enlivening puja. I'm still floating :) and would love to do more of your events. I enjoyed the puja this weekend very much . Everyone was wonderful and I hope to meet people again. I can see this as the beginning to many wonderful relationships. I enjoyed working with you. You are a Joy! You have an incredible supportive loving gentleness which makes for a wonderful teacher."

"Thank you again, for a wonderful puja!!! Everyone was raving, and especially the new people. They were all so thrilled.It was a very healing experience for me."

"It was very enlightening for me. it left me with the feeling of such love, and warmth from the other guest. it truly was amazing. I thank you for letting me take part in this advanced event.

"You have restored such a part of my faith in humanity last night. All the goddesses where wonderful, and even the gods where pretty cool. The music was great and touched me deeply. It was an enlightenment. It was a lifting of my soul out of a dark place. It was a return to my community of loving, enlightened ones. I was such a nice welcome home. Thank you. And you have evolved in the years I have been away. You still have your sexy accent, but your words flow cleanly and with a flourish. And the puja was verging on perfection! I received so much more than I expected to. You have my eternal gratitude."

"Thank you for an amazing class. WOW. I loved it all. You sure have some GREAT exercises for us. And where do you find such beautiful ladies!?!?"

"Thank you Francoise and Mitchell! I loved every minute and the event and energy was JUST what I needed to balance out my stressful life."

"Thank you for creating the space for puja to exist. It is a precious space that allows each of us to walk past our barriers and express the essence of who we are. And for that, and all the love inside, I am grateful. Until the next time"

"Each puja gets better and better for me as I get more comfortable and grow into the experience of tantra. You are a creative teacher who I listen very closely to and take each word as an invitation to go deeper. I heal a tremendous amount during the practice under your guidance, and am so very grateful to have met you. You are a beautiful and inspiring woman that I always feel lucky to be around!"

"I had a wonderful time - thank you so much. You both have such healing and precious energy and I so enjoyed the experience."

"I really appreciate your style, energy and organization. I was the first event of this type I attended and also by myself. I felt completely safe, the men were respectful, gentle , warm and loving."

"You are so wonderful at what you do. The Love and effort you put into the day was evident and never ending. I am still purring with bountiful gratitude like a content little kitten."

"I would also like to send a thank you to the group. It was refreshing to meet a group of people practicing intentional listening, connection, and respect. I had a wonderful evening."

"Thank you for a wonderful evening. You are truly a leader and an amazing teacher. And I think you are so cute!"

"Thank you so much for a wonderful puja. This is one of the best ones I've ever been to. I must say that the men were wonderful. I really enjoyed connecting with ..."

"Thank you I had a great time and enjoyed your passion...of being a great story teller and host."

"These exercises were absolutely amazing. May your work continue to touch many lives. WOW, did I require touch or what?!?!? Unbelievable. There is nothing like being touched by a well-intended woman. All the Best"

"Thank you for the amazingly fabulous puja. It was delightful. As always, your choice of music and exercises were deeply connecting, well planned and perfect. So glad my girl friend was able to come at the last moment. She enjoyed herself very much and had a fun time. Thank you for your kindness and sensitivity."