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FRANCOISE and MITCHELL GINSBERG have been together for 40 years.
They have raised a daughter and a son who are now young adults.
Francoise and Mitchell have taught about the principles and practices of tantra
to individuals and couples since the early 1990s.

FRANCOISE GINSBERG (tantra.francoise@gmail.com) received
her doctorate from the University of Paris in 1980,
and worked as a women's sex counselor.
She has been leading tantra classes in San Diego since 1994,
and has been invited to lead and speak at workshops including:
Life Expo Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tampa Bay, Hedonism resort Jamaica,
Harbin Hot Springs, Zegg Germany, Network for new culture Oregon and Hawaii, Paris France.
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Francoise offers private consultations in La Jolla for women and men.
She offers quality sexual education.

MITCHELL GINSBERG (mitchell.ginsberg@gmail.com) received his Ph.D.
from the University of Michigan and has taught at Yale, at the American
Institute of Buddhist Studies, and at other universities.
He is a licensed psychotherapist and expert on the subject of emotional traumas.
He has been a teacher in the Thai-Buddhist Vipassana Meditation Tradition since 1975,
and has authored multiple books in psychology and psycho-spirituality.
He is available for private consultations for individuals and couples.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of Wisdom Moon Publishing House,
and is accepting new manuscripts for publication.

Books authored by Mitchell Ginsberg (including forthcoming):

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