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Mask and lingerie
advanced level
rotating puja

Sat. March 9th, 2019, 6 pm
in La Jolla

Celebrating Mardi gras, Tantric style
$60 per person
Ask for a flyer


Goddess lounge
Sunday March 24th, 2019,
2-5pm in La Jolla

Jade egg practice and inner orgasm

An ancient ritual to bring more vitality to your sacred temple
Lecture, warm up and practice.

Time to dust off your egg
or to get a new one
and share all the benefits in sisterhood

The warm up will be a playful puja.
The egg ritual will be a solo practice.
Bring your egg and a small mirror!

Register here, $40
bring a lady friend for free

Some jade eggs will be available for $40


for everyone
Sat. April 13th, 2019, 6 pm

in Encinitas

No previous experience necessary,
Salsa Dancers are very welcome!
This is a white puja, beginner-friendly

Latin rythms often make us feel energized
it lifts our spirit, and opens our heart

This event will combine dancing
with Tantric exercises of connection

You will smile, move energy, dance freely
and meet 20 people of the opposite gender
via guided exercises inspired by the practice of tantra

1 couple $80

1 gentleman $60

1 lady $40 (dress sexy!)


Goddess lounge
Sunday May 5th, 2019,
2-5pm in La Jolla

In preparation for Mother's day:
Honoring our matriarchal lineage
Stories and beliefs
How did it forge who we are today

The 4 stages of a woman's life:
maiden, mother, sexually realized woman, wise woman

Register below, $40
bring a lady friend for free


Saturday, May 18th, 2019, 1 to 6 pm
in La Jolla

The art of Eros
How to have the best romantic summer

All experiential, informative exercises
to enrich your daily life and romance.

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text
giving lots of practical advice on intimacy.
It is commonly known as the sex-position book,
and is also a detailed encyclopedia on how to be intimate.

In this class, couples will work together on the
3 gates of tantra: heart-mind-body,
and will practice:
the art of seduction,
the art of preludes,
the art of erotic whispers,
voicing your feelings,
words of appreciation,
sensual touch
the art of kissing,
Kama sutra positions clothes-on.

No sexuality, no nudity.
Each couple will work solely with each other.
You will gain skills and more sexual confidence.

Ticket: $170 per couple
Couples will receive a booklet to review later
and optional homework to do at home

Saturday May 18th only, 1 couple: click below


Sunday, May 19th, 2019, 1 to 6 pm
in La Jolla

Will include:
Compassion, self awareness, inner smile,
understanding our differences
Power centers:
Men and women operate from different centers and
exude different qualities like fire and water.
Recognizing this and honoring it will ease relationship hurdles.

What is Tantric sex.
What are the ring muscles, sexexercises,
romancing the sun, romancing the moon grotto,
sexual positions benefiting the man,
benefiting the woman,
the key to inner orgasm,
special finger position : "holding the mystery of the world"
special Kama Sutra position such as
"the mounting turtle", "the flying dragon"
and "going around the world"
"Sex as a healing prayer"

Exercises will combine questions to
share with each other and intimate exercises.
There will be nudity and genital contact.
Teachings will be brought to you with clarity, depth and humor
You will have an opportunity to study the 4 orgasms
a woman can experience and practice meditative sex

All exercises are optional:
your couple needs to be comfortable with group nudity.
You will engage only with your partner.

Ticket: $170 per couple
Couples will receive a booklet to review later
and optional homework to do at home.

Sunday May 19th only, 1 couple, click below

When you register for the 2 days,
you get $40 off : 1 couple $300 Total
May 18th + 19th, 1 couple, click below


Goddess lounge
Sunday June 9th, 2019,
2-5pm in La Jolla

In preparation for Father's day:
Honoring our patriarchal lineage
Stories and beliefs
How did it forge who we are today

The magic ritual of the crystal wand
lecture, warm up, ritual
Bring your magic wand
or get one on site or visit : lovenectar.com
(crystal honey dipper model is best: $45)

1 lady : $40, bring a lady friend for free


Tantra puja for singles
open to first timers

Saturday, June 15th , 2019,
6-11 pm
in La Jolla

Symphony of touch.
all with classical musoc

Tantrikas are compared to musicians,
bringing sweet sounds of sighs and whispers
Each encounter will be guided; a special art of touch will be described
such as : yin touch, continuous and light,
feather touch, very light,
yang touch, percussions, piano playing, sport massage, Thai...
more than a massage class, it's about the attention and the emotion we bring to the touch
which makes the touch so wonderful

All clothes stay on

1 gentleman : $60

1 lady : $40


Body Painting extravaganza

Saturday, July 13th, 2019,
5-11 pm
in La Jolla

Puja, painting, Kodak moments,
collective showers, coconut oil puja



Coconut oil puja

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019,
5-11 pm
in La Jolla