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Tantra intro for adults in their 30's.

Saturday May 6th, 7pm-10:30pm
in La jolla

Ideal for beginners

What is tantra, the philosophy , the practice

Learn the art of making deeper human connections
Whether you are single or have a partner, or are between partners,
this 3-hour workshop will give you alternative ways
to unlock the mutually satisfying relationship you crave. 

No nudity or sexuality during the workshop,
You will learn:

-How to say the words that make your partner's heart melt
-The 5 modalities of touch, and how to use them to different effects
-What to do when your partner is emotional
-The common mistakes both men and women make that REPEL relationships
-How to feel accepted in your romantic life 
... and some tantric skills to take home to your sex life

$30 only
15 women, 15 men are invited


Goddess lounge

Saturday May 28th,
3 to 6pm in La Jolla

Practice of the jade egg and magic wand
to help you feel alive, healthy and more juicy!

Jade eggs are an ancient practice which was said to help women live longer and healthier.
Crystal wands are more modern and allow women to access their G-spot by themselves.
You may want to enjoy those preactices with your partner later...

in this women circle we will adress the incredible pleasure potential all women are equipped to experience,
we will also address obstacles such as surgery, abuse, menopause...

It is recommended to come with a jade egg and a magic wand which you can order on line,
a few will be available on site (about $40 each)
but you may choose to just observe and learn the skills.

Each exercises will be taught elegantly, respecting privacy,
you will have a sarong covering yourself. You will be your own practioner
although choice will be given to women who would like to practice with others,
which is an amazing learning will definitely make you feel more compassionnate
towards men, and let you understand maybe for the firs ttime,
how complex a woman's genitalia is.

Your participation : $40

(if you sign up in advance, you may bring a lady friend for free)

Come and learn the ancient secrets of women's wellbeing



Saturday June 10th,
6-11pm in La Jolla

Pink puja for 40-50 year old
for rotating couples and singles,

level is intermediate,
you need to be familiar with my pujas to attend

Island theme

single lady : $40

1 single man single man : $60


1 couple : $80




Saturday July 8th,
5 -11pm in La Jolla