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Tickets are non refundable,
but all cancellations get a credit for another class.


Important :

in order to create health comfort ,
ALL interactive EVENTS until the end of 2021 HAVE A NEW SAFETY POLICY:

We are now requiring everyone to show a recent negative Covid test in order to enter into the event.

We prefer that you get a PCR test within 72 hours of the event.
There are plenty of free clinics that can supply this around San diego.
If you cannot obtain a PCR test, please purchase a rapid test and take the test on the day of the event.
Please take a picture of yourself with the test result and show the picture at the entrance.
You can obtain one of these from a local drug store like CVS for about $30 for 2.
BinaxNow is one great option

When something so precious as connection and touch is theatened,
isn't it worth it to make an extra effort?



Saturday September 18th, 5pm in La Jolla


first timers are welcome

1 ticket left for 1 woman, 1 ticket left for 1 man

text for latest update : 858 531 1028



Saturday Oct 2nd, 5 pm, in La Jolla

An extraordinary gathering of art, sensuality and playfulness

includes puja, painting, kodak moment, coconut oil puja around bonfires.

$150 1 pair

First timers please read the frequently asked questions:
-Is paint provided?
Yes, I get my paint at a good art store, it is non allergenic and easy to wash off.
We paint with brushes, sponges, gloves or bare hands.

-Do we have to undress?: Most people do, keeping something on is fine if you don't mind having paint on it.
The undressing is playfully and elegantly brought up after our first puja-warm-up-circle.
Be assured that you do not have to do anything you don't want to.
You may start with clothes on and shed some afterwards when you feel comfortable.

-Will I get cold? The paint acts like a body glove, our art studio will be inside and one outside,
most people get warm and prefer to be outside, there will be sources of heat inside and outside.

-I'm self conscious about my body...: Well, we are all learning to love ourself the way we are, it is not a fashion show,
it is a gathering of conscious loving people.
Also, the paint is really pretty on bare skin and it looks like everyone is dressed up again!

-I'm not an artist, I don't know how to paint : The good news is that you don't even have to paint yourself,
many other hands will work on you if you ask ;and remember we use paint like children do,
we smear it everywhere, we have fun and the result is always gorgeous!

- I have a back problem I can not stand for too long : it is a very dynamic evening, including dancing and painting,
we are in constant movement and it will be very taxing on your body if you are not in good shape.

-Do I have to interact with people, can I stay with my partner?: we prefer you interact with others
as most participants will do, however you might favor painting with 1 person only and that is perfectly fine.

-I'm shy, how about if a man does have an erection?: some do, some don't, no big deal,we paint the whole body
and it is all in loving spirit! The fun atmosphere outweighs this sexual issue. This is not a sexual event.

-I've seen a picture and I want to be a wild beast...: Great, the paint will be there, bring some props too, it helps!

-May I take pictures? yes, we'll have our kodak moment, always ask before.

-How do we wash off? 4 warm showers outside, sponges, soap, helping hands , 1 tub....a delightful experience!

-I'm working all day and won't make it on time, is that OK?
the opening circle is our warm up and our bonding time, do not miss it;
if you work all day that day, your body will probably lack energy to play all night.

- I'll have to work the next morning, may I leave early? : yes, you may leave whenever you wish but...
you will miss out on our closing circle, (coconut oil puja) described by many as the highlight of the evening!

-I'd like to invite a friend ..: If you think your friend would fit our group, please let me know, we welcome new people.
Remember to take care of your friend that day.

-and if I have to cancel...?: I hope you won't but if some emergency comes up, let me know asap and
you'll get 1 pass to one of my future pujas.
This event requires lots of preparation with up-front costs involved.

Get your ticket : 1 pair $150


Saturday October 23rd, 5 pm, in Point Loma


Costume is a must, anything goes !

open to singles and couples

Intermediate level tantric exercises using fantasy play.

Rotating puja at choice

$60 1 single lady

$90 1 single man

$120 1 pair


Saturday November 20th, 5pm, in La Jolla


interactive advanced level Puja

for couples willing to rotate

( rotation will be only at the sensual warm up,


We will take a closer look at male and female arousal,

and surrender to aliveness in a group setting...

All with safety and respect

and under expert guidance

$170 for 1 pair


Saturday December 4th, 5pm, in La Jolla


beginners are welcome

Festive Tantra evening with Holiday tunes from around the world.

Each exercise will apply a specific technique in tantra.

This is an efficient way to meet people of the opposite gender,

connect with their energy right away and make friends for the holidays

$60 1 single lady

$90 1 single man