Saturday October 15th, 6 pm
dance studio in Point Loma

2650 Truxtun

We are adding a level of mystery and adventure
to this puja by wearing a costume...

You may choose to be a specific character
or wear anything you wish but
a costume is a must! ...
(and all is good as long as your bottom is covered)

it is a highly respectful practice of tantra
with well guided exercises,
and you must be familiar with pujas to participate .

The level is "Intermediate" ;
it is considered a "pink" puja.

You will laugh, play, connect, dance, build intensity and surrender to the moment!

Make your reservation now....

$40 single fairy or witch or...

$80 single wizard or superman
please invite a lady friend for the same price,
abundance of feminine energy create good vibrations
Ask me if you need help finding 1 goddess

$80 for a couple...Adam and Eve or Tarzan and Jane or...




Sunday Nov 6th, 2-5pm
in La Jolla

An inner journey for women...
how and what do you want to bring to the world?

We will imagine, not to be a president but rather Master healers...
You will talk about various ancient secrets to bring forth wholeness...

Breath work, sounds, and tips to ease pain, whether emotional or physical.
We will practice 7 important actions to ease pain naturally

You will participate in a puja about Chakras in the safety of sisterhood.

Register in advance and bring a friend for free.
Many programs for women are offered over the net,
you are invited to join a real lively group!

only $40



KAMA SUTRA for couples ( new class )

Sunday November 13th, 1- 6pm in La Jolla

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text giving lots of practical advice on intimacy.

it is commonly known as the sex position book ,
and less as a detailed encyclopedia on how to be intimate.

In this class, couples will work together on the 3 gates of tantra : heart-mind-body
and will practice the art of seduction,
the art of preludes,
the art of erotic whispers
the art of kissing,
and the art of touch.

no sexuality, no nudity.
Each couple will stay in their energetic bubble and work solely with each other.

You will explore pleasant practices such as :
long leisury hugs,
how to use our imagination and fantasies,
how to get better at foreplay,
how to stimulate "hot spots"
how to use our breath to boost pleasure,
how to receive and feel,
how to give each other a sensual massage,
how to give a breast massage,
how to offer safe "spices" of different intensities,
and slowing way way down...

You will gain skills and more sexual confidence.
you will rehearse a few fun kamasutra sex positions all dressed up

Couples will receive hand outs to review later and optional homework to do at home

$150 per couple