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Saturday, Nov. 10th,
1 to 6 pm in La Jolla

The art of Eros
All experiential, informative exercises to enrich your daily life and romance.

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text
giving lots of practical advice on intimacy.
It is commonly known as the sex-position book,
and less as a detailed encyclopedia on how to be intimate.

In this class, couples will work together on the
3 gates of tantra: heart-mind-body,
and will practice:
the art of seduction,
the art of preludes,
the art of erotic whispers,
the art of kissing,
and the art of touch.

No sexuality, no nudity.
Each couple will work solely with each other.
You will gain skills and more sexual confidence.
You will rehearse a few fun Kamasutra sex positions all dressed up.
Couples will receive hand-outs to review later
and optional homework to do at home.

Ticket: $150 per couple

When you register for the 2 days,
you get $50 off : 1 couple $250



Sunday, Nov. 11th,
1 to 6 pm in La Jolla

Power centers
Men and women operate from different centers and
exude different qualities like fire and water.
Recognizing this and honoring it will ease relationship hurdles.

Shakti's power (feminine power) comes from
- her heart (4th chakra),
- her womb (2nd chakra),
- her inner knowing (6th chakra).

Shiva's power (masculine power) comes from
- his solar plexus (3rd chakra)
- his genitals (2nd chakra)
- his voice (5th chakra).

Exercises will combine questions to
share with each other and intimate exercises.
There will be nudity and genital contact.
Teachings will be brought to you with depth and humor
You will have an opportunity to study the 4 orgasms
a woman can experience
and practice meditative sex

All exercises are optional:
your couple needs to be comfortable with group nudity.
You will engage only with your partner.

Ticket: $150 per couple


"Love me tender"
Rock and roll and twist again

Saturday, Nov. 17th, 6-10 pm
Dance North County
535 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas

Puja and dance for all levels.
Warm up with dancing and dance instructions
(no previous experience necessary)
Several master instructors will give tips on how to dance!

Full rotation puja,
you will partner up with all people of the opposite gender
and participate in various entertaining exercises,
all respectful and light but meaningful.
You will learn some of the easy tantra techniques such as:
- Seeing the divine spark in everyone's eyes,
- the 5 tantric ways of touching,
- the best hug in the world!

You may dress up for the occasion,
make sure it is comfortable, easy to sit and dance with!

Tickets :

1 couple : $80


1 gentleman : $60

1 lady : $40


Holiday puja for singles
open to first timers

Saturday, Dec. 15th, 5-10 pm
in La Jolla

A puja is a word for ceremony of love
where men and women gather in circle
to reawaken the sacred energy
of Shiva (God) and Shakti (Goddess)

Through a journey of yogini breath, touch, dance,
ritual poetry and eye gazing, we connect with each other
on a deeper level than mundane,
moving beyond our fears, our judgements,
or even feeling of attraction

Sexual energy is alchemized into unconditional love

Can we all get there in 1 evening?
maybe, maybe not, but you will have a glance of it!

This puja is offered to all levels, beginners included
Priority will be given to new participants

The theme of this puja is : Celebration accross the world
accompanied by International Holiday tunes

The playful and well choreographed exercises
will bring out the best in you!
What are some of the exercises ?
We start by having a 1-min. conversation on a special topic such as :
"What is one of your favorite memory of holiday season"
or "When the days get shorter, what do you like to do to brighten them up"
"What was one of your great gifts when you were a child?"
"What is peace for you" etc...
1 participant is speaking, the other one is listening, then we switch.
Next is a non-verbal exercise which could be eye-gazing, the caress of an angel,
a dance with frosty the snow man, a lullaby in a spooning position...

All exercises practice a specific tantric skill. Clear explanations are given
We end with a feedback session, practicing words of appreciation,
which are whispered to your ear and often generate
a warm sense of being aknowledged
All exercises are elegant and respectful.

Tickets here
1 single gentleman : $60

1 single lady: $40